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The open trading layer for the Internet

Tradable Embed is an open API to easily build financial trading features into any app,through any brokerage.

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Turn any app into a trading platform

Build broker-agnostic trading features into anything: websites, apps, watches, IoT or whatever the next big thing is, using a wealth of services from our cloud API. We normalize the APIs of various trading venues so you only have to connect one place to let your users trade with numerous brokerages all over the world.

What people are saying

What Tradable has developed here is an amazing new development which opens up the user experience for many.

Maurice Pommery

Founder of Strategic Alpha and Dealer-Insight

By giving traders the ability to trade with from any app or website through any broker, I expect 80% of all trading will be going through Tradable’s ecosystem 5 years from now.

Lex van Dam

Hedge Fund Manager & Creator of BBC’s Million Dollar Traders

Bridging analysis with trading has just become faster & easier. Our readers can't wait to be part of it.

Ashraf Laidi

Founder at

Tradable is a hugely important technological development which allows retail traders to finally go about their work in the correct manner. They will now be able to trade from the research, analysis and communication platforms of their choosing.

Sean Lee

Founder of FXWW

Besides being the world’s highest user rated FX app, NetDania mobile now offers its hundreds of thousands of users the possibility to trade and open accounts with e.g. a local broker – as facilitated by Tradable.

Jonas Nielsen

CEO at NetDania Markets

With its new API, Tradable reduces the friction for trading for end-users, moving the question from “How can I trade?” to “Why, when and what should I trade?”, which is great news for our education platform and our mobile game.

Sebastian Kuhnert

CEO at Tradimo

App Partners

Trading is coming soon to your favourite
financial apps and websites.

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Tradable supports the world’s
largest brokerages for macro-
economic trading, including: Is Investment Monex One Financial FXCM LMAX CFH Clearing Silicon Markets

Stock brokerages coming early 2016.

A slick, easy & friendly API

We have built an awesome API that allows you to build trading-enabled applications in no time.

Whether you are developing apps for desktop, mobile, watches, websites, cars or IoT we have an array of SDKs to help you get started.

Infinite scale, for free

By connecting your apps to the Tradable Embed API, you get access to the entire Tradable brokerage network, instantly.

We are constantly adding new brokerage partners, and ​our app partners benefit from new brokerage integrations ​being added by Tradable ​with no code changes required on their end. They can scale their apps to be able to trade with as many brokers as possible, without having to lift a finger.

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Integrating with Tradable as an app developer is free of charge.