Empowering the new financial web

We are building the universal trading infrastructure for the internet,
making it easy for developers to build apps for the financial markets.

What we do

We are building the simplest API for connecting your app or website to the financial markets, allowing your users to see their portfolio, see tradable prices and trade all right from within your app or website.

Why we do it

We believe that democratizing access to an industry that has traditionally been closed is the best way to accelerate innovation.

How we work

We liase between the Fin and the Tech to open up the markets and help connect the creative, mobile and web industry to the world of financial trading, by lowering the barriers to entry and making it as simple as possible for developers to build seamless trading functioality across the new financial web. We like finance, we love the web and we care deeply about beautiful code, APIs and documentation that helps empower great financial products.

Our Story

Tradable was founded in 2012 by a ​diverse group of people with roots in the financial and technology industries − having been at companies as diverse as MTV/Viacom, Saxo Bank, Kapow!, Joost, Bloomberg and Skype. With offices in London and Copenhagen, we’re working tirelessly to trade-enable  the internet and provide an easier way for both developers and traders to engage in the financial markets.

Our Management Team

Our Board of Directors