Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tradable API?

Tradable is a unified API for financial trading that allows developers to embed real-time trading into their apps across multiple brokerages and asset classes via one simple integration so that users can trade their accounts directly from their favourite apps.

What does it cost to use Tradable’s API?

Tradable does not charge app developers any setup, monthly maintenance, support or monthly minimum fees. Getting started is completely free of charge.

Are there any limits on API calls to Tradable?

No, there are no API call limitations. In fact, we remunerate you based on certain API calls – so the more the merrier!

If the API is free to use, how does Tradable make money?

Tradable charges brokerages a technology fee to allow them to make their products and services available in third-party products, and in some instances shares this revenue with the app partners.

Which brokerages are supported by Tradable?

Tradable is currently integrated with FXCM (US & UK), ONE Financial Markets, CFH Clearing, Silicon Markets, JFD Brokers and DriveWealth.

We’re constantly adding more brokers to Tradable. Please email us at if you wish to request adding a broker to our platform.

What asset classes can be traded?

The Tradable API supports trading of Forex, CFDs on Indices, CFDs on commodities and metals, single stock CFDs, physical stocks and ETFs.

Please note that the availability of the asset classes varies from brokerage to brokerage. CFD products are not available for US-based traders.

How secure is Tradable and how do you handle authentication?

Security is an area we take extremely seriously.

We use industry-leading cryptographic and hashing practices to protect sensitive user account data. Credentials provided to Tradable are encrypted with a 2048 bit RSA private/public key-pair and are only accessible by access token provided only to the authorized user. All communication between and among our services are transmitted over the same secure channels used for online banking (mainly HTTPS/TLS1.2).

This means that not even trusted Tradable employees have access to retrieve unencrypted brokerage credentials. Moreover, It would take longer than the age of the universe to compromise via brute force a single encrypted brokerage credential on Tradable's servers.

Who is behind Tradable?

Tradable is built by a ​diverse group of people with roots in the financial and technology industries − having been at companies as diverse as MTV/Viacom, Saxo Bank, Kapow!, Joost, Nokia, Bloomberg and Skype. You can read more about the team here.

Is Tradable a Brokerage?

No, Tradable is a financial technology provider that facilities unified access to the APIs of the largest brokerages globally.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Tradable does not store or have the ability to change the passwords to your trading account. Please contact your brokerage for support on this matter.

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