Feature-packed trading

Hook into a complete trading API ​and integrate powerful features​ that were previously reserved for internal product development departments at large banks and brokerages.​

By giving your app the ability to view brokerage accounts, portfolio information, see real-time tradable quotes and execute orders across multiple brokerages in several asset classes, we are empowering ​FinTech developers to take their apps to the next level.

Build faster with modern technologies

Online trading systems built last decade can be difficult to work with, but they are still where the majority of your users hold their trading accounts. We have designed a modern, universal trading API to make it easy to integrate with all of them. We take care of the odd logic, regulatory due diligence, system infrastructure maintenance and other dreadful aspects of adding trading in your app – so you can focus on building great experiences for your users.

Security, without the hassle

Tradable offers two methods of user authentication depending on your needs. Choose between the industry-recognized OAuth2 or direct API authentication.

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive user data. Therefore, the API is built around industry-leading cryptographic and hashing practices. All communication is using HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping. Rest assured that Tradable will never store any passwords in plaintext. To further ensure the protection of your data, all Tradable servers are located in top secured data centers.

Many brokers, one integration

Tradable has partnered with a wide range of brokerages across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific to provide developers with one global, multi-asset platform for adding trading across foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and indices.

With support for both physical and margined products, you can allow both longer-term investors and day traders to trade directly from your app with the broker of their choice, all through a single integration. And when new brokerages are added to our platform, they automatically appear in your app with no extra coding needed on your part.

The trading platform, designed for the internet

OAuth Security

Real-time Bid/Ask Quotes

Account Synchronization

Market, Limit & Stop Orders

Position Management

SDKs & UI Components


Free for developers & traders

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Sign up and innovate on top of our worldwide brokerage infrastructure. If you need any help or have questions about Tradable, feel free to email us at hello@tradable.com